Friday Favorites


Happy Good Friday, y’all! I don’t know about you, but I have today off from work and it has been GLORIOUS. I made a proclamation to Michael last night that I would sleep as late as I wanted and “not even feel a bit bad about it!” However, when my body naturally work me up at 7:30 I felt as if I had betrayed myself. I proceeded to force myself to doze until 9 in a sheer act of defiance. So, HERE WE ARE. I’ve done nothing but be productive today and I can’t decide if I am disappointed in myself. I will keep you posted.

  1. Acaí bowls. LET ME TELL YOU. You need to try them. Acaí is a super food that they typically blend into smoothie consistency, and garnish it with delicious toppings. But since it’s a super food you don’t feel bad when you top your bowl with nutella and bananas and call it “healthy”! I’ll admit though, I typically get berries and granola on mine. Michael likes to refer to it as, “acaí goo that is covered in tree bark.”
  2. My new white utensil holder. GUYS if you follow me on instagram you have seen my journey to find this treasure. It only took 10 stores and a lady named Pam to help me find it. I am saving it for our new apartment, so it is carefully stored away and ready to be moved on my nightstand where is has sat since I bought it for $6.40.
  3. The book A Simplified Life. This is one of my top 10 book recommendations. It gives you practical ways to simplify your life (if you can’t already tell from that cryptic title) and it has really been a game changer for me. She gives a lot of great advice about clearing all your clutter. It made me have the gumption to empty my ENTIRE closet out onto my bed so that I could analyze if I loved each item enough to keep it. Michael walked into the bedroom and didn’t even have to say anything before I informed him, “I AM SIMPLIFYING OUR LIVES AREN’T YOU SO GLAD I PUT THE ENTIRE CLOSET ON OUR BED RIGHT BEFORE BEDTIME?!” [I am an absolute DREAM to live with] He just smiled and immediately turned around and left. It’s probably because he hasn’t read the book. Really, y’all. Go get it!
  4. This warm weather! Despite the fact that I have to now start shaving my legs on the regular, I love the fact that I don’t need to wear a coat to go outside. Give me ALL the sunny and 75.
  5. Chicken apple sausage. I know, it doesn’t sound like it could be appetizing, but it really is. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and savory, and it’s healthy enough to where you don’t hate being alive after you eat it. Please note: this is not the standard that I hold for myself when it comes to the quality of my food. I was referring only to sausage. I am going to talk about the recipe I use it in next week when I blog about my go-to meals.
  6. Spring cleaning. As weird as it sounds, purging is cathartic for me. And since we’re moving in a month I have been throwing away all the things. Additionally, I get really pumped to buy cleaning supplies.

That’s it for today, folks. Join me Monday for Monday Musings: Episode 3. Happy Easter!

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