Tuesday Musings

This post will be a Monday Musings on a Tuesday. Judge me. Is this because I am having trouble finding deep and meaningful content? Yes. No.

As of Friday, we have survived 6 weeks of engineering school. No, I do not attend class or take exams. But, based on the conversations I have with my husband and the topics I quiz him on? I might as well be a student. I had a full refresher course on polyatomic ions a few weeks ago.

Why do people not talk about the dollar store enough? That place is my jam. Not all heroes wear capes, y’all. And sometimes a hero looks like a ghetto fab store front that says “Ollar Sore” because the letters have fallen off the sign. But it doesn’t even matter because everything is a dollar. I mean, what other place can you buy 200 thumb tacks, a spatula shaped like a pig and emergency candles? All while only paying $3.14?! Look no further than your local Oller Sore.

Getting my nails done is a real treat for me and I don’t do it very often. If I am living my best life I pay the extra amount to get gel polish. But ladies, (or gents – I don’t judge), here’s a manicure tip for ya. If you’re like me and most of the time you can only shell out the $15 for the regular polish, it doesn’t mean your nails have to chip overnight or next time you wash dishes. Here’s the simple solution:


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. This stuff is magic. It goes on thick (like gel polish), it’s really shiny and it keeps my polish looking great for much longer than normal. The best part? It’s only $4 at Target. Now, it won’t completely mimic the gel manicure that you can get at a nail salon, but it’s a great option for those of us on a tighter budget.

I got my passport photo taken yesterday. Man, there is nothing more attractive than to put all your hair behind your ears and not smile for the camera. I legit looked like I was taking a mug shot. I’m just trying to go to the Bahamas, not to jail. Does anyone else feel my pain?

In a move to get healthier, I’m giving up sweets for the entire month of October. Pray for me y’all. This might break me as a person. If you notice that I have an unpleasant air about me, I plan to blame it entirely on the lack of sucrose flowing through my veins. I am hoping that I won’t be downing an entire pan of brownies at some point due to desperation and anger that can only come from a sugar detox. Hopefully the struggle will be overturned by victory, more energy and a loosened waist band. Blessed assurance.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. I promise to be better about blogging from here on out. I have officially run out of good excuses. So, as long as you all keep reading, then I will keep writing. Pinky promise.


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