View Life With Your Eyeballs

Hello friends! Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but the hubs and I have been adjusting to this new life and rhythm of him going to school. However, I am back and I’m glad to be writing again!

Michael and I went on a short vacation earlier this month to stay at the lake with my family. It involved too much food, too much sun and a sweet time that made me cry when it was over. Before the weekend began, Michael and I took an extra day off to have a fun day to ourselves at Carowinds that was hopefully going to provide a day full of riding roller coasters until we wanted to pass out. Well, mission accomplished because I could barely take another step by 8:30 pm. Apparently I can no longer hang with the cool energetic teenagers like I used to.


Michael and I had an absolute blast hanging out together and only taking a break from the rides to eat fattening food and reapply sunscreen. And you know what?

I only took one picture.

Now, I don’t know about you all, but I am all about snapping some photos while mentally writing the instagram post describing how #blessed I am or what a #hunk my hubs is. And please note, that I don’t think there is anything wrong with posting a filtered picture of a sweet memory that you snapped. It’s fun to share the good memories of life! However, I think sometimes I am more into capturing the moment than I am being in it. Why is one of my first instincts to say, “Hang on, let me grab my phone so I can capture this!” instead of just enjoying the moment for what it is? And even if I manage to get the  picture, how many times do I go back and look at it or print it out to hang in my home? Maybe a handful of times – if ever.


I saw this picture, taken at the royal wedding, floating around on Facebook and it really made me think about who was capturing the moment more. Was it one of the people trying and straining to snap the perfect gram worthy picture of the new princess, (I would be the first to be doing that myself!), or was it the lady who watched and then hung the mental memory in the photo gallery of her life? I guess there is no way to truly know, but either way, the woman made me want to remember seeing memories with my eyes rather than through my phone screen. Keeping that in mind, I kept my phone tucked away at Carowinds with Michael, and it was so nice to share the day with just him instead of sharing it with every one of my instagram followers (sorry, no offense). There’s something intangibly special about having a memory that is only shared between the people who were present.

But don’t worry, I’m still going to take pictures and videos – because it’s truly fun to have memories to tangibly look back on. But next time, I will try and think twice before I pull out my phone.

PS – See the one picture we took from Carowinds below. It was captured at the end of the day so the look on our faces is pure exhaustion (and sweat).



3 thoughts on “View Life With Your Eyeballs


    I am glad you got some time together to just have some fun!! We went on opening day at the end of April and it was wonderful, and yes…..I admit I (we) cannot hang with the younger crowd as well any longer.But, crowd was minimal, coaster were screaming good! As far as pictures, I do not take many…..too much thought behind them–print it, store it, where to hang it etc. Loved the pic of you lovelies, hope to see you soon!!


  2. Melissa says:

    Really good post. I too often focus on documenting the moments instead of soaking them in and making memories. But pictures are nice too. 🙂


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