64 days. 9 weeks. 2 months.

Y’all. It’s going to be fall. Even though living in the middle of North Carolina means that is is blazing hot until November and then it becomes freezing cold overnight. So, in reality we really only experience “fell” because it happens so fast it might as well be past tense. Despite the fact that we have approximately less than 1 day of fall weather, I live for the pumpkins and sweaters and I celebrate the season even when it’s hot outside.

So, you’ll forgive me if I am talking about fall “too soon”. Which is actually impossible, so I actually refuse to say that I am sorry.

First off, a few memes that I relate to with all of my bones:





Anyone else?

Something that I am really jazzed about is fall candles. My favorites are at Walmart (don’t judge me – they cost $3 and smell delicious). You can see my top two choices here and here. I’m all for some Yankee candles too, but they aren’t always budget friendly.

Fall nesting. This is a term that my mother coined for decorating the house for fall, and I have carried it over into my adult life. Even Michael says, “Are you fall nesting?’ when he sees the decorations come out. The best thing to do? Go to Hobby Lobby, AC Moore and Michael’s in the middle of November when ALL the fall decor is 70% off and BUY EVERYTHING. Not really. But buying new decorations and putting them away for a year makes it fun to open the next year and be able to use them for the first time! But let’s be honest. I plan to go to Hobby Lobby and buy all the fall things now AND later.

Another key component to living your best fall life is to have friend who appreciates it as much as you do. I’ve snagged a friend who says, “I am the best version of me in the fall.” which is my equivalent to “Let’s be best friends.” You best bet that she’ll be my fall companion all season.

Finally, I will make a confession. I love all things pumpkin spice, but I have never had a  PSL from Starbucks. Which is unheard of, I know. BUT 2018 is this year that this changes. I have every intention of drinking one while I pull out all my pumpkin paraphernalia on September 22nd.

Happy fall Friday, y’all.

5 thoughts on “Fall.

  1. Nanette Gatlin says:

    You hit the nail on the head right here!! I AM my best in the fall and it just gets better from there………of course until May returns. UGH!! I won’t judge you, I would so shop with you! Cheers!!


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