How I: Workout

First of all, I realize that I am no expert on exercise. BUT. Some people have asked me what I do for my weekly workouts, so I wanted to do a post on it today to let you in on my routine.

Yoga – I have started “practicing yoga” (which is apparently the correct way saying it?) and it’s not that bad if you have a good instructor and a yoga mat! I used to not give yoga a second thought for a workout, but it’s a great way to build strength and be more flexible. However, I don’t feel “relaxed” when I am doing it, so someone help a sister out if they can tell me how doing downward dog is relaxing? I usually do Bob Harper’s 30 minute YouTube videos that you can see here and here. He also has an hour long yoga video where he says, “This yoga is going to be so tough. It’s not going to be like anything you have seen before.” and I turned it off immediately.
HIIT (High intensity interval training) – Search YouTube for Tone It Up videos. They are the perfect HIIT workouts and they have long and short workouts available.
StairMaster – If I am feeling lazy and want to squeeze in a 20 minute workout and still work up a sweat, running/walking stairs is the way to go! And you don’t have to have a StairMaster machine to do this. You can go up and down the stairs at work, in your home or at a nearby high school stadium!
Running – Running (or should I say jogging) is the workout I do when I want to put zero thought and effort into my exercise because I already have a route in my neighborhood that I can run. I just throw on some music and go.
Walking – Y’all. Power walking is no joke and still gets your heart racing like any other workout. The best part about walking is that you can do it outside on a nice evening, in the mall when it’s too hot or cold outside and it’s the easiest workout to do with a friend! My workout flies by when I am chatting with my girlfriend the entire time.
Dancing – This is my favorite workout of all time – it’s the only exercise that I can do and be smiling while it’s happening. YouTube (are you seeing a trend here?) has all of the Just Dance videos that you can dance along to even if you don’t have the gaming system. Zumba is another favorite of mine that I can do at my gym.

I typically workout in the morning, but sometimes that snooze button is too appealing for me and I don’t have time to fit it in before I go to work. I occasionally will workout in the evenings, but I prefer mornings because that means it’s out of the way and I can check it off of my to-do list. Also, when I work out in the morning it helps me make healthier decisions throughout the rest of the day (i.e. if I have just worked out, it’s easier for me to say no to free donut day at Dunkin’ or a Chick-Fil-A cookie that a client brings to the office).

I have a gym membership (that I don’t use enough!), but I usually workout at home. When I am doing yoga or HIIT, I do it in my living room, and if I go for a run I have a route that I take in my neighborhood. My point? You don’t need a gym membership to workout! This is something that I have used as an excuse in the past and it’s simply not true.

7 Minutes – I have an app called Seven Minutes and it gives you a HIIT workout that gets you off the couch and it’s only seven minutes long! It’s something I do when I want to workout even when I am feeling lazy. You can make it go longer if you would like, but only doing 7 minutes is my preference because working out can be a struggle.
10 – 20 Minutes – Hey, you’re lapping everyone on the couch! Every minute is better than none at all. I usually do a stair workout or run on the treadmill if I only have this amount of time.
30 minutes – This is my sweet spot for working out. It’s not too long while also keeping up with the daily recommended amount of exercise. Most every single workout I do is 30 minutes.
1 hour – The ONLY time I can stand working out for an hour is if it a workout class at my gym. I can’t stay motivated that long when I am by myself, so going to a class is the only way I can do it. Zumba, Body Pump and Body Jam are my favorite classes to go to!

1 – Find a workout that you enjoy so that you’ll keep doing it. If I only had the option of swimming laps in a pool or not working out at all? I wouldn’t workout because I hate swimming. It took a while to find the exercises that work for me, so take your time and don’t give up after only trying 1 or 2 things.
2 – The KEY for me to enjoy things like running or doing a stair workout is having something good to listen to. I have found that Podcasts are a good way to pass the time, as well as my Spotify playlist of pump up music. Find something that gets you in the zone and helps you forget about what you’re doing.
3 – Have REST days. You will get burnt out if you workout every single day, and then you will end up not working out at all! So, have days off and do something life giving during the time that you would normally be working out. For example, I read on the mornings where I don’t exercise (or I sleep in a little longer).

That’s all I’ve got for now, friends, but I hope you found this even remotely helpful! Happy Friday and have a great weekend 🙂


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