A Day In The Life 6.28.18



I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a long time because I love seeing other people’s day-in-the-life posts, so I thought I would do my own! I randomly decided to do mine last Thursday, June 28th. It wasn’t an extraordinary day, but it gives you a glimpse into what my normal routine looks like.


I woke up before this, but this I took a quick screenshot right before I really got my morning started. I sometimes every day have to pry myself out of bed.


My little buddy in the morning. If Michael isn’t awake yet she follows me around the apartment. Since she doesn’t talk, she’s nice company to keep while I stumble around and wake up.


I try to drink 4-8oz of water when I wake up, especially if I am going to be working out.


6:50 rolled around and I stared my workout. Sometimes I run, sometimes I do a HIIT workout and sometimes I do yoga. This morning I chose yoga, and Olive (see bottom right corner of the picture) wanted to join. Please note – before you start to think I have my life together, I don’t get up early enough to workout every morning because life is a struggle.


Workout done! Time to shower and get ready for work.


While getting ready I snapped a picture of some of my favorite beauty products that I blogged about here.


8:05 – time to head to work with Hubs as my chauffeur.


8:10 – arrive at work – #blessed that the office is right down the road from us. Our company recently moved to a new building that is about to be under construction. In the mean time, we are rocking some fab 80’s decor and working off of card tables. We are so glamorous.


Breakfast and iced coffee.


Mid-morning break to catch up on my chronological bible reading for the year. And YES. I am aware that I have made myself 22 days behind. #judgeme


HAPPY THURSDAY MORNING REBECCA. I spilled my (almost) entire cup of iced coffee in the middle of working. You can’t see it on the table here because my skirt/desk chair caught the rest of it. Not even kidding, I had to ring the coffee out of my skirt. It was dripping down my legs and got in my shoes.


As previously mentioned, I am only 5 minutes from home – so I threw in the towel and drove home to change. I had to actually get in the shower to wash off my legs that were now permeated with the smell of coffee. And no, coffee doesn’t smell as great when it’s covering your entire lower half.


Outfit number 2. Please note that I ditched my high heels because I was already done with the day and it was only 10:30.


Olive was pumped that I came to hangout with her. She was also thoroughly dismayed when I left again.


I decided it was best to stick with water for the rest of the day.


GUYS. I was back in the office (please note our ghetto fab 80’s kitchen) for about 45 minutes when Katherine and I went to grab our lunches and the refrigerator shelf fell and coffee creamer spilled all over the floor and onto my legs. Coffee was literally jumping for me all day. I couldn’t escape.


Not pictured: our shoes sticking to the floor from the remaining creamer that we couldn’t mop up with clorox wipes.


I forgot to take a picture of my lunch before I ate most of it. On the menu: black bean burgers (as mentioned on my Friday Favorites) and greek yogurt with peanut butter and cinnamon.


I had nothing else interesting to document during the rest of my day. Thankfully coffee stopped harassing me after lunch.


I had made dinner plans with one of my girlfriends (because nothing fixes a rough morning like eating Mexican for dinner), so Michael picked up his dinner at Cookout because we only eat healthy in the Gatlin home.


Olive and I hung out with Grey’s Anatomy in our downtime between work and dinner.


My lovely dinner date and bestie for the restie – Sarah. If you ever need to vent to someone and have them justify your feelings/speak truth when you need it – just call her. She’s a gem.


After dinner we picked up fro-yo (my day definitely took a turn for the better, obviously) and headed back to her house for some Family Feud because we are 70 years old. Her dog, Kane, was pumped to see us and wouldn’t stay still for a picture.


Getchu a friend who lets you borrow her pajama pants and eat ice cream on her couch. Also I ate mine before I remembered to take a picture.


We did a throwback Family Feud on this night. But I am not kidding when I say that 40% of our time together is spent watching this show.


Headed home and to bed around 10:15 – thanks for hanging out with me today, y’all!


Oh, and I can’t forget to add my current book that I am checking off my TBR list (that you can see here). Lights out around 10:45, only to get up and do it all again (except not working out because yoga made me sore). Also, I am pleased to report that the coffee came out of my skirt with not even a small amount of a stain. Praises.

Happy 4th of July, my friends!

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