Friday Favorites

Hello, friends. I am here with another Friday Favorites after taking a few weeks off of this type of post. I figured it has been long enough for me to develop some new favorites to present to you. I mean, I don’t want to be a favorites repeater just like I don’t want to be accused of being an outfit repeater (LOLZ just kidding, I repeat outfits like it’s my job. I was purely quoting the Lizzy McGuire Movie – anyone else hear Kate’s voice in your head?).

Morning Star Black Bean Burgers – Guys, I have always been the type of person to silently judge people who eat hamburger alternatives whenever there is a cookout happening. BUT. I am being humbled now because these things are SO. GOOD. I have them for lunch everyday now. And now you can silently judge me for this, I don’t blame you.

Target bathing suit clearance rack – Check it out at your local target. I got a $5 swimsuit top the other day. You can’t beat that with a stick.

 62ffdb2f40f994b2f462fcedee56fd47--semi-skincareNew Essie nail polish – I’m cheating on Peak Show with my new favorite nail color, Between the Seats.  It’s a light gray color – which is different from anything I normally wear – and I’ve worn it for two weeks straight and I don’t plan on quitting.


The Lazy Genius podcast – This podcast is for “how to be a genius on the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.” THAT is a statement I can get behind. But seriously, this is my current favorite podcast because she talks about things that are super practical and relatable (time management, morning routines, working out, etc.). She also has an entire podcast on making cookies. There’s nothing like doing laundry and listening to someone tell you how to make your cookies taste delicious. But, I blame her for the 1.5 pounds I gained last week.  You should really check her out (but maybe not make cookies – unless you’re unlike me and you actually have self control).

Finally, I present to you the second edition of “Things I Am Loving” brought to you by my friend Sydney. I met Syd in Florida in 2013 on a summer project with Cru where we were roomies all summer long (I miss my tan, but not the cockroaches that crawled from the bathroom sink). I actually had an ongoing page in my journal for all the memorable/funny quotes from my team and our time in Florida and Syd made the list more than anyone – she’s hilarious. She also has a blog, which you can read HERE, and it’s incredibly raw and real about the stuff going on in her heart. Please, go check it out! Here are three things Sydney is loving:

1. “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff
If you know me, which I’m guessing most of you don’t but let’s just say you DID, Bob Goff is my hero. His first book, “Love Does” changed my entire life. I transferred colleges because of that book. One time I met Bob at Panera in Nashville and legit forgot how to speak, like I could not form real words. It was mortifying, but I lived through it. Anyways, Bob’s new book Everybody Always is amazing. He focuses on love and redemption and writes in a way that inspires you. GO READ IT NOW, my words will not do it justice.

2. Counseling
If counselors needed a poster girl for people WHO SHOULD TOTALLY GO TO COUNSELING RIGHT THIS SECOND, I’d be the girl. No really. This is something I put off for about TEN YEARS. I had some major trauma and change in my life in 2008 and never went to counseling because I thought I wasn’t “messed up enough”. Well, this year has been a hard year. I have struggled with life consuming anxiety and OCD behaviors and everything came to a point where counseling was my only option if I wanted to enjoy life again. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. Thank God for counselors.

3. Mushrooms
I spent 25 years of my life being a mushroom hater. I scoffed anytime someone asked if I wanted a dish that had mushrooms on it. Well, then I went to a restaurant Ecuador and ordered off a Spanish menu. I’m not sure what I thought I was ordering, but I ended up ordering a crepe filled with mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese. This is humorous because I hate mushrooms AND tomatoes, my hatred was to the point where my extended family knows these facts about me, that’s how serious it was. Well the dish arrived and it was not what I expected, but it was my last meal for about 12 hours. I had no choice. I ate it and loved it! I mean I still hate tomatoes but the mushrooms, YUM. Send me all your mushroom recipes please and thank you.

Thanks for joining me today, Sydney (and seriously y’all – check out her blog)! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hey! Go you for attending counseling. I so appreciate when folks take down the stigma and show the world how positive it is! From this counselor to you, thanks for sharing your experience.


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