Favorite Beauty Products

shirtless baby boy in galvanized tub

I wanted to start out the week by sharing a few of my favorite beauty products because –  contrary to popular belief – I did not “wake up like this”. Your girl needs all the help that she can get. Plus, look at that baby living her BEST life with her Borax. We know what her fav beauty product is.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream– I have pretty dry skin – especially on my face and especially in the winter. Until recently, I used to grab the $4 tub (yes, a tub) of facial lotion at Kroger and call it a day. Despite the true quality of the Kroger brand tub of lotion, my face still struggled with dryness. SO, I decided to gird my loins and go on a search for a good face lotion. After some intense google-ing I found several reviews saying that CeraVe was worth a try. Well, blessed assurance I found my true lotion love in this tub (yes, it’s still a tub!) of moisturizer and I am never going back. Yes, it’s $15 but it will last for forever (like I said – it’s a TUB).

Batiste dry shampoo – GUYS. Let.me.tell.you.about.miracles. I don’t know about you, but whenever I use dry shampoo it makes my hair feel stiff and gritty. I can’t stand that feeling so I started to only use it when I was desperate (i.e. I woke up too late to shower for the third day in a row). Please note – I tried 3 different dry shampoos and they all gave my hair the same gritty feeling. So, once again, I googled and researched to find the best dry shampoo that doesn’t cost 1 million dollars (looking at you, Dry Bar), and I found Batiste. Thankfully, Ulta understands my commitment issues with beauty products, and they offered $3 travel size cans for me to try. GAME OVER. I will never use anything different. There is no residue and still makes my hair look freshly washed! I actually feel like it makes my hair softer? Try it, you’ll never go back. Note – I get the unscented kind, but I’ve heard that the scented ones are great too!

Mascara – Y’all this is the only thing that is ridiculously priced on my list, but its SO GOOD. I got it for my birthday and I am a changed woman. The only way I can justify it is because I got it as a gift. However, Ulta has sales throughout the year sell it for 50% off. Plus, you’ve got to give someone credit for writing the description as “a push-up bra for your lashes” – I kid you not.

Eyeliner – Some people can use liquid eyeliner and make their eyes pop – I am not one of those people. Give me liquid eyeliner and I look like a two year old who got into their mom’s makeup bag. Due to this lack of talent, I stick to a pencil liner. My old pencil was down to a literal nub because I didn’t want to break down and buy a new one. However, there is nothing like going into Target and typing “best drug store brand eyeliner” and seeing what comes up (this is actually what I do most every time I need new make up). The top option was this NYX pencil liner – and the best part is that it’s only $5.00! Seriously, it works really well and I have found my new go-to.

Straightener – I get a lot of questions about how I curl my hair, and typically people are surprised when i say I curl it with a straightener. The key to this is to have a straightener that has round edges. The one that I linked isn’t the exact one I use, but it has good reviews and has the roundness that I am talking about.

Water – I know, I know, I truly hate myself for even sounding this cliche. However, cliches becomes cliches because they typically are true. At the beginning of May I committed to drinking half of my weight in ounces of water every day for a month. For the most part I did it, weekends can be rough, but I actually stuck to my commitment for a whole month. I felt like I was about to float away the first couple of weeks, but my body adjusted. I’m six weeks in and I can tell a difference in my skin. I didn’t drink much water on Saturday and I could tell when I woke up on Sunday because of how my skin looked – pillow lines are not glamorous. Try it for 30 days, commit to it – plus its FREE (well, it’s at least included in your utilities).

I’d love to hear what your favorites are! Share in the comments 🙂

3 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Products

  1. Jada Edwards says:

    When did we get old enough to have pillow lines?! Seriously asked myself this just the other day.

    Just discovered Batiste Dry Shampoo and already in love! Especially appreciate that they provide a bottle for the dark-haired ladies.

    Mascara. If one makeup product is worth the extra $$$, it’s mascara.


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