Ten Thirty Two.

This post is a bit selfish because ultimately I want to look back at this and remember how I feel today. We just turned in the keys to our apartment and I have ALL THE FEELS. So, a few thoughts on the goodbye of our first home as the Gatlin family.

I hate finality or anything resembling a negative goodbye in my life. So, despite the fact that we moved into a bigger and better place, part of by heart ached yesterday when we closed the door to our first home.

You see, so much growing happened within those four walls, I can’t even think of everything I learned in apartment 1032.

I learned how to be a wife.

I learned that you should take your new puppy to the bathroom as soon as you bring her home instead of taking her inside only watch her immediately pee on the carpet.

I learned that a newlywed budget doesn’t always allow for fancy dates or vacations.

I learned to be thankful for rich relationships instead of a rich bank account.

It was a place where we ate too much pizza and watched too much Netflix.

It was hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

It was place where we laughed and cried. We hurt each other’s feelings. We leaned on each other. And ultimately learned to love each other well.

It was a place that we learned how to fight over share a tiny sink and mirror while we got ready for work each day.

It was a place that we hosted friends, new and old, for dinner/movies/game nights. It was also a place that we taught Olive that jumping on our guests isn’t the nicest thing to do – despite how excited one might be.

I learned to stop comparing my real life (including my old carpet and broken shower faucet) to others Instagram filtered highlight reels.

I remember moving in some of our things 7 short days before we got married and the pure blissful excitement I felt as I thought about our future.

It’s a place I remember thinking, “So Michael really DOES talk in his sleep. This is my life now.”

I remember thinking how truly astonishing it was that I had to triple my pre-marital grocery budget because Michael eats 2x more than I do.

Then I remember realizing that baked chicken and veggies (a staple in my single woman diet) is not an exciting meal for Michael and I needed to accept my new life of grasping at straws looking for healthy/delicious/cheap meals.

It’s a place where I slowly learned (not perfectly, mind you – this will be a lifelong lesson) to put myself second to my husband, and not get frustrated when he didn’t recognize me for it (selfishness was also a lesson that I had these past two years. I mean, please get over yourself, Rebecca).

We had countless youth group events with hundreds of pieces of pizza eaten while also (hopefully) pouring a bit of wisdom into their lives.

We’ve dreamed, we’ve been devastated, we’ve been hopeful, we’ve been sad, we’ve been overwhelmed, we’ve been overjoyed. We’ve had ALL the feels.

We’ve g.r.o.w.n.

I am so thankful for 1032. It has been so good to us. And I pray that it is just as much of a blessing to it’s new tenants that it has been to our family.

Goodbye, old friend. You will always be a special place for me.

If you have any sweet memories from your previous home, please share them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Ten Thirty Two.

  1. Karen says:

    I zoomed into that super adorable pic of you and Michael above your bed and matt and I have a very similar one in our room…I’ll have to show you!!


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