Monday Musings: Episode 5

Happy Monday, friends!
I am writing this from my bed because Hubs and I have been sick all weekend. Which, while it was a bummer because there was fun plans we had to cancel, it was really nice to just r.e.s.t. We’ve got a marathon of a month coming up, so it was good to have a minute to ourselves before it happens. So, while we were both miserable and sick we laid in bed and watched the entire 6th season of New Girl together. Don’t judge us, desperate times call for desperate Netflix binges.

Anyways, let’s get on with this Monday Musings post.

  1. So, since I have been going to bed early and not using my phone for the last 30-60 minutes I am awake, I have started reading before bed. I did this all the time in high school, and I am ashamed of myself for falling out of the habit in college. BUT I need book recommendations from you all! I am running out of books from my personal library (aka the bookshelf in my living room) and I need your help. So, please leave a comment below with your must-read list!
  2. There is nothing better than peanut butter crackers sometimes. We have the Nabs packs at work and sometimes everyday I CANNOT HELP MYSELF and I grab a pack for my 2pm pick me up.
  3. Guys, I bought a $7 romper online last week, and I have told pretty much everyone within a 25 mile radius about it. Alas, I must admit that it ripped within 3 minutes of me trying it on. I can’t say I was shocked, I mean I think $7 rompers all come with a we-WILL-rip-after-one-use warning label. I was assuming the best though, and I was really bummed when the $7 quality showed it’s true colors. If anyone has a recommendation for HIGH quality $7 rompers, hit a sister up. Also, how many more times can I say $7 without getting on your nerves?
  4. Does anyone else crave nothing but junk food when they’re sick? I mean, LITERALLY all I ate yesterday was Keebler Grasshopper thin mint cookies. Or, is that just me? I think that’s showing the balance aspect of my post from this past Friday.
  5. We have our anniversary pictures coming up this week and I am PUMPED. My dear friend Sarah Spain (yes, her last name IS the coolest) takes our pictures every year and I love it (her design website is here – she is CRAZY talented). She also designed my wedding invites and save the sates. I mean, she is an absolute dream.
    However, she’s taking pictures of us in our apartment so that we will always have memories of our first home and I really need to clean before she comes. If you’re looking for me tonight, I’ll be elbow deep in Clorox wipes and Windex.
  6. Lastly, I am doing a new thing on my blog where I bring in a special guest to talk about 3 things they are loving right now. This way I can bring in another perspective that can bring you all new things that you may or may not have heard of. This week I’m bringing in Sarah Powell, aka my MOH and sister for life. She was the real MVP because I asked her to do this and within 15 minutes she sent me an email with her list:

    3 Things Sarah is Loving:
    1. “If You Only Knew” by Jamie Ivey- This book is such an encouraging, sweet reminder of the incredible grace and love of Jesus. Jamie shares her personal story, and encourages us girls to be intentional in community with one another. So so good.

    2. Computer glasses from Felix Grey- At my new-ish job, I spend most of my time on a computer and I felt like my eyes were really straining from the constant computer screens. I did some research to see if computer glasses were a thing, and I found Felix Grey, and they’ve really alleviated the eye strain I was feeling. You can also get them with prescriptions now I think, so definitely check them out if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

    3. Harris Teeter brand frozen blueberry waffles- I eat one of these for breakfast nearly every morning. Simple, and great with peanut butter or Nutella, and super easy to take in the car on the way to work. Maybe not the most nutritious option, but I think they’re delicious and get me excited about breakfast.

That’s all for now, friends. See you Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Episode 5

  1. Nanette says:

    I hope you two are feeling better today, junk food on sick days is mandatory BTW! Seriously, who really WANTS to be required to think about cooking something while in a weakened condition. Grab the good stuff and veg!


  2. katiepdonohue says:

    The junk food thing when you are sick SPEAKS to me. I think it always starts with I want to eat nothing… and then escalates to FRENCH FRIES. All the french fries all the time.

    1. Mad proud of you for rocking a romper (even if it did rip). I remember the days when we were too intimidated, too skeptical of their demensions and how proportional they were to the curves.

    2. What up sarah P coming in clutch with the recommendation (also of course Harris Teeter would make an appearance)

    Keep writing Rebs! This is so entertaining, love you girl!


    • rebeccajoygatlin says:

      KPD. Yes I am glad you feel me on the junk food.
      Also every.time. I try on a romper I think of us moo-ing in front of my pink mirror in Bragaw when we were trying on your romper in hopes we could rock it at CBSP. Pretty sure it didn’t come along with us to the Sunshine state.


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