Monday Musings: Episode 4

Welcome to Monday Musings, friends! I hope you had a swell weekend. Mine was pretty great because it included free Papa John’s pizza and window shopping for my birthday (and reminding Michael about 4 times that my birthday is the 11th next month – oops). It did not, however, include time for blogging which is why this is a short story version of Monday Musings. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

Anyways, let’s get to it.

Let me just tell you, I do not prefer to shop at Walmart. Not because I am too good to shop with the good people of Wally World, but mainly because the Walmart close to my house is a horrifying place. I won’t go into details why because the true moral of this story is that I lack the self control of a true adult. Well, that and the fact that I go to Walmart purely for their $3 candles that give me LIFE. I cannot tell you guys how great these are, you just need to go check them out for yourself because it makes Walmart worth it. Because of this, I girded my loins and decided to take the plunge and head the the big blue superstore for some new $3 scents this past Friday. After I chose a cherry pie 3 wick candle (it’s the perfect mixture of fall and spring) I headed to the self check out to make my purchase.

Here is where I admit something to you. When it comes to grocery store check out lines, I am a sucker for the People magazine headlines and bright colored candy wrappers. I almost always resist. Until Friday when I saw a bright pink foil wrapper that reminded me of my childhood road trips. That’s right. I spotted Bubble Yum gum for $1 and I bought it because I CANNOT HELP MYSELF. I have a true lack of self control but I don’t regret my decision. I don’t even feel bad. My dentist might feel bad though. And I kinda feel bad because I can’t say no to shiny pink bubble gum wrappers. Does that make me a 5 year old? Probably not because 5 year olds don’t have the ability to pay for chewing gum and then drive away and demolish half the pack before the end of the day.

I really need to avoid Walmart.

Also that was way too long of a story for Bubble Yum gum. BUT IT WAS $1.

See you Wednesday, friends!

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