Monday Musings: Episode 2

Happy Monday, friends! If you’re anything like me you’re getting through the day with a coffee IV and a personal pep talk that sounds something like Jimmy V’s quote of: Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” But instead of being inspirational, it comes out sounding like the desperation of Rose trying to wake up Jack when the rescue boat arrives.
I digress.
Today I bring you Episode 2 of Monday Musings. The weekly blog post that consists of random stories and facts that make up my life. Enjoy!

1. Things that I have learned that you can accidentally put through both the washer and the dryer without ruining them [brought to you by being married to someone that doesn’t always empty his pockets]:
– Doggie poop bags – please note that these are unused bags, otherwise this would be an entirely different point.
– Headphones. Multiple pairs.
– Go Gurt wrappers. Yes, really.
– Money. Yes, I’ve literally laundered money. Please excuse my poor joke and just move on.
– Bonus: things that WILL be ruined and get all over your clothes in the washer/dryer – name tag stickers and endless Taco Bell receipts.

2. I had a cookout milkshake for dinner last night [I feel ZERO shame] and the person who made it was the real MVP because there was several giant chunks of Reese’s cups. It was such a delight.

3. Someone needs to motivate me to close my Apple Watch rings. Either that, or send me tips on how to get more steps in each day because 4,000 just isn’t cutting it. Mainly because I get daily notifications about how I can, “keep it up and reach for higher goals.” And nothing slays your self esteem more than Siri passively ripping into your exercise habits.

4. On Friday night I found my dog sleeping while snuggling with her bone. Find you someone who loves you like my dog loves her Nylabone. You will never lack the love and affection that you’re craving.

5. I’ve been eating a vegetarian salad for lunch everyday and it’s delicious. The only reason that this is noteworthy is that I am not a vegetarian [give me ALL the chick-fil-a] but I am trying to be a little more mindful of getting protein from other sources. Shout out to Michelle for this.

6. Lastly, I would like to send a request to my readers  for first date tips! I have a girlfriend who is venturing into the unknown territory of hanging out with a guy that she doesn’t know, and she is seeking your advice. But really, she wanted me to ask. So please leave a comment if you would like to help a sista out!

5 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Episode 2

  1. Melissa says:

    First date tip – ask your date questions about themselves. It is a good conversation starter and gives you a chance to catch your breath, calm down any nerves and learn about your date at the same time. It also shows that you are interested enough in that person to know who they are. It helps to get past the first impressions. Also, even if your first date is a little rocky, consider giving that person a second and third date unless you see red flags. Love at first sight is a myth.


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