Friday Favorites


Happy Fri-Yay! Yes, I am the type of person who occasionally says “Fri-Yay” and I don’t even feel bad about it. Anyways, I thought I would hop on today and share a few of my favorites because even the small things in life are worth throwing confetti over.

La Croix – Can I get an amen? Michael will always judge me for this obsession and I will always judge him for not joining in.

Sales at Nordstrom – Let me tell you. Nordstrom didn’t even exist in my world until I moved to Durham two years ago. But now there is one close to my apartment and I’ll never be the same. I would also like to note that I can’t afford most of the clothes that they sell unless they are in the very back of the store and they are on sale. I recently bought this dress and it feels like I am wearing pajamas. Except I am actually wearing a dress. Pajamas disguised as a dress? YAS please.
Now it just needs to stop snowing so that I can wear it. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and the chance to wear this dress is only a day away.

Girl, Wash Your Face – I mentioned this on Monday, but I am going to mention it again because this might be my favorite book of all time. I have told so many people about it that I should really start getting a commission from the author.

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee – If you have known me longer than 5 minutes you probably know that this is an actual obsession and I don’t ever see it coming to an end. Shout out to the Dunkin Donuts in Clearwater Beach that began this lifelong love after practically forcing me to buy their coffee every morning on my way to work. Despite the fact that the summer of 2013 was when I started dating my husband, the discovery of the DD caramel iced coffee was the true summer romance.

Vanilla ice cream cones from McDonalds – I mean, come on. It’s the most delicious soft serve ice cream I’ve ever had. So, there you have it. Happiness CAN be bought. And only for $1.08.

And finally. My dog, Olive – Just because she’s the cutest little turd you’ve ever met.

Happy weekend, friends! Join me on Monday for Monday Musings: Episode 2.

PS. I have no idea where that “Friday Favorites” picture originated. I found it on google. If someone wants to design me a banner like that for my blog, hit me up!

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